CGI of the proposed development

Benefits of the scheme:

These proposals will offer a range of benefits for the local community. Highlighted below are just some of these, we will provide more information as the proposals develop.

  • A new development which will improve the visual appearance of the building. Replacement of a blank exterior and tired building with a high-quality designed premium aparthotel and viable community use space
  • Economic and social value for the Oxford community
  • Additional spending in the community from the new hotel and encouraging tourism
  • Investment in the local area during construction
  • Good use of a previously developed site in need of improvement
  • Removal of gas / fossil fuels from this site
  • Additional employment opportunities from hotel and community use space
  • Employment in accordance with Oxford Living Wage
  • Regeneration of the site, with improvement to Gloucester Green and George Street exterior views
  • Increased security in and around the building, by way of a new CCTV coverage and delivery of Nightsafe / Safe Places scheme
  • Improved public realm and visuals along George Street, St George‚Äôs Place and Gloucester Green
  • Construction / work placements and apprentices for the entire aparthotel lease term
  • Engagement and education opportunities with local schools and colleges
  • Sustainable development with a net gain in biodiversity
  • Public artwork opportunities